Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect BEFORE my massage?

My priority is that you receive “more” when you come for your massage or spa treatment and that you leave feeling amazing!  The goal is to create a memorable experience.  This experience begins with a warm greeting.  For new clients, I’ll show you around the facility so you know where things are and all that is available to you.  You may even get a chance to meet one of the other practitioners – Everyone is friendly and welcoming!

Afterward, there will be a short health form to fill out, followed by a brief conversation about your health history, current medications, etc. In some cases, a particular health concern may contraindicate massage, however, for your safety it is very important that you make the therapist aware of all health related issues. The interview process helps ensure you receive the most benefit from your massage, so be sure to include things like preferred pressure, music, positioning, and so on.

Neither the consultation nor the time taken to fill out your health form will take away from your time on the massage table.  You will receive the fully scheduled time, unless you were to show up late, which would result in only receiving the time remaining.

What to expect DURING my massage?

I will leave the room, giving you time to undress to a level that is comfortable for you. For some that means taking everything off, and for others it means leaving their undergarments on. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable is perfect – I will leave it up to you. Get on the massage table between the sheets and under the blanket. You will remain covered at all times, except for the area being treated. Should you decide during your session that you need any changes, please don’t hesitate to ask. This may include things like pressure adjustment, positioning, needing a kleenex mid-session, removing the pillow or needing an extra pillow, etc. Talking is optional, however best to keep at a minimum as the more connected you are to what your body is experiencing, the deeper the healing that may occur. However, it is ok if you want to talk. This is your session, and I respect that for some, talking is healing in and of itself. Keep in mind, though, that ANR Massage is not a coach or a counselor, and offers no medical advice.

What should I expect AFTER my massage?

I will gently bring you back to awareness, step out of the room to let you redress, and will be waiting for you in the waiting area, where I will check in with you. This is a good time to mention any body awarenesses you noticed during or after the session. I generally keep clinical notes of most sessions and these awarenesses may be added to your file. This is a great way to track results, and these notes are available by request in writing.

What is your policy about children?

ANR Massage is not equipped to supervise unattended children, therefore we request that you either leave your child/children at home or bring them into the treatment room with you during your session.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Save time and energy – Book Online! You can make an appoinment online by clicking on the Make an Appoitment button, or, if you already have an account with me, you can visit your Personal Dashboard to see your activity and make an appointment  You may also schedule your appointment by calling Andrea at 520-205-1918, clicking on the Schedule button, or clicking on the Client Portal button.

What form of payment do you take?

I accept payment in the form of cash, check and credit (Visa, MC, Discover, AmEx) at the time of treatment. ANR MASSAGE does not carry change for overpayment. Please make sure to have the correct amount.

Should I tip and how much?

Tipping is never a requirement. However, if you choose to leave a tip it is always welcome and greatly appreciated! The amount is up to you and depends on how well you enjoyed your experience and whether or not your needs were met.